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St Huberts Blue Rosary - Handmade in Bronze with Gemstone Beads

St Huberts Blue Rosary Handmade in Bronze with Gemstone Beads
St Huberts Blue Rosary Handmade in Bronze with Gemstone Beads

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Bronze $200.18

Product Code: RO1606A


Saint Hubert's Horn Rosary

Large Rosary

Large and relatively heavy (because of the metallic pyrite beads)

Man's Rosary

All rosaries are unisex, of course, but this blue rosary is a favorite of men.


Semi Precious Gemstone Beads:
  • blue aventurine beads
  • pyrite beads
Metal Pieces:
  • Antique Spanish Crucifix #946 (measures 2 1/4 inches or 56 mm)
  • Saint Hubert's Horn and Deer Rosary Center #035 (measures 7/8 inch or 22 mm)

Blue Rosary Meaning

St Hubert is regarded as the patron saint of hunters, opticians, mathematicians, and metalworkers.

Saint Hubert, or Hubertus, as he is also known, is honored among sport-hunters as the originator of ethical hunting behavior.

During St Hubert's religious vision, a deer is believed to have taught him into holding animals in higher regard and having compassion for them as God's creatures with a value in their own right.

Concrete examples were given:

First, the hunter ought to only shoot when a humane, clean and quick kill is assured.

to shoot only old stags that are past their prime breeding years.

to relinquish a much anticipated shot on a trophy to instead euthanize a sick or injured animal.

Also, to
never shoot a female with young in tow to assure the young deer have a mother to guide them to food during the winter.

Such is the legacy of Hubert whose lessons are still taught and he is held in high regard in extensive and rigorous German and Austrian hunter education courses.

In France, Saint Hubert is still venerated in formal hunting ceremonies every year. His ethical legacy is followed by French chasse à courre masters, huntsmen and followers, as well as those who hunt deer, boar and roe on horseback.

SAJ Rosary Beads

Prayer beads are a gift of love, and we specialize in constructing durable, fine quality rosaries.

These beautiful rosaries are handmade using traditional wire and chain rosary techniques, valuable semi-precious stones, and natural crystal beads.

Each one of them is made by hand to be used and passed down as a religious family heirloom due to the beauty of design, fine workmanship, and quality of the materials used.

A gift box, and a luxurious red velvet rosary pouch are included with every purchase.

We ship worldwide.

Antique or Vintage Rosary

The crucifixes and centers in the Sacred Art Jewelry collection are true golden bronze and .925 sterling silver reproductions of authentic antique or vintage pieces from all over the world.

They are new, top quality castings that are hand crafted using the ancient lost wax method. This technique, employed by the Greeks and the Egyptians, is still used in fine jewelry and considered the best way to assure each medal is an exact replica of the original.

The pieces you will find may be Irish, French, Spanish, Russian, as well as Native American, Latin American or Philippine, etc. A great many different Christian cultures and nationalities are represented.

Traditional Chained Rosary Technique

At Sacred Art Jewelry, we prefer to use the traditional rosary making technique of using ring caps to prevent the chain links from opening. These metal ring bead caps provide a sort of a "fence" that supports the wire. It also provides a most elegant finish to the chained rosary.

Custom Rosary

We take great care in finding stunning, natural bead combinations for our rosary beads, and we’ll be glad to advise as to whether the rosary part choices you are making are suitable. So, enjoy visualizing your favorite pieces on this rosary and make it your own by selecting:
  • Your metal of choice, whether it is true golden bronze or .925 sterling silver
  • Any rosary parts, i.e., crucifix or cross, centerpiece and medals from our collection
  • Bead size, you may choose the standard (6 mm) or the larger, most ergonomic and comfortable rosary size for the hands (8 mm) beads

Contact Us to inquire about the cost of your custom rosary.

We will calculate the difference between the prices of the metal pieces and materials used for the model shown in the listing, and the ones of your choice, and either create a special listing for you, or send you a Paypal invoice.

Catholic Rosary Beads

Choose your crucifix and center rosary components individually or visit our Rosary Parts section to find a crucifix and center rosary set you will cherish for a lifetime. By choosing your rosary components from this section you will be sure the two parts are a good match in terms of weight, style, design as well as the theme they evoke.

Medals and Medallions

Attaching medals of saints or any personal devotion to rosaries is an ancient tradition. We have a wide variety of Catholic and Christian medals we’ll be happy to attach to your rosary. Just send a note with your order letting us know which medallions you would like, and we’ll insert them to the rosary free of charge.

Other Christian Rosary Beads

This is a traditional Catholic five (5) decade rosary. However, we’ll be glad to create a different chaplet or Protestant version of this rosary for Anglicans, Lutherans, Baptists or other Catholic devotees by using the prayer bead composition or design structure of your choice and substituting the metal pieces you choose. We have a wide variety of antique and vintage crosses, centerpieces and medals in our collections where you will find appropriate pieces you'll love for your design.

Rosary Beads for Men

Of course, all the pieces in our collections are suitable for both men and women, in the end it is a matter of taste and preferences. Typically, men’s rosaries are characterized by more linear, less ornate designs. Women’s rosary parts are usually more decorated with elaborate scrolls, flowers, and the like.

Rosary Necklace

Can your rosary be worn as a necklace? Rosary beads have been worn around the neck by both men and women from different cultures for centuries, and indeed designed and created to be worn as jewellery. Whether right or wrong, who are we to judge? This has been made a topic of controversy in recent years, but it can be argued that ultimately what matters is the respect with which the object is treated, the intention, and the occasions for which it is worn.

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