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Catholic Medals & Religious Medallions

Religious medals have always been worn all over the world as a sign of faith and good will towards humankind, and Catholic medals are no exception. Antique saint medals and old religious medals never looked as good as many of the medallions in our collection. Authentic antique religious medals are used to create these new medals in such noble metals as sterling silver and bronze. Favorite vintage medals and antique styles in holy medals, like Art Deco and Art Nouveau, are represented in many of the pieces. And, our Catholic pendants come from all over the world, including North and South America, Europe, and Africa.

Catholic Medals

Catholic Religious Medals and religious medallions are very collectible. They can be worn on a simple chain necklace, and used to create rosaries and faith jewelry. For some of us, they are a joy to contemplate.

Holy Medals

You will find silver and bronze vintage Catholic medals from many different countries. We have Irish and French antique medals in our collection, as well as old pieces from a diverse number of cultures such as Celtic, and Coptic medals are also found.
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Religious Medals and Catholic Medallions

Big, magnificent antique religious medallions in pristine condition form part of our collection. And, we have found some stunning, vintage old, cheap religious medals Catholic medals and recreated them in bronze and sterling silver to bring them to a whole new level.
Find hundreds of beautiful metal renditions of Jesus, Madonna, and Catholic saints, in true bronze, and sterling silver, in our store. As well, you may choose from a variety of Chain Necklaces to wear your medallions for protection and adornment.
Sacred Art Jewelry offers antique and vintage Catholic religious charms, holy medals and medallions for sale. Religious medals are worn all over the world as a sign of faith and good will towards humankind.
We are not jewelry manufacturers, but feel free to check out our wholesale coupons in the Quantity Discounts section.