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Sterling Silver Cross of Lorraine Cross Necklace Pendant

Cross Pendants

Welcome to our Cross Pendant category, where you'll find a wide selection of vintage and antique cross necklaces and pendants. We specialize in exact replicas of antique and vintage pieces, featuring ancient and old cross necklace pendants that hold deep historical and religious significance. Our collection includes models of antique silver cross pendants, catholic cross necklaces, and sterling silver crosses. Whether you're looking for a small, simple cross necklace or a large, ornate cross pendant, we have something for everyone.

Explore our range of vintage cross pendant models and unique silver cross necklaces. We offer a variety of styles, including delicate and beautiful cross necklaces, perfect for everyday wear. Our religious cross necklaces cater to different faiths, with Christian crucifix necklaces and catholic crosses. You can even create your own cross necklace with our selection of cross charms and pendant crosses.

Discover our exquisite sterling silver cross pendants and necklace collections. From small sterling silver cross necklaces to large statement pieces, each piece is handcrafted with care and attention to detail. Our religious cross pendants are suitable for both men and women, and we offer a range of sizes to suit your preference. Don't miss our selection of vintage cross jewelry, including vintage cross necklaces and pendants that evoke a sense of timeless beauty.

In addition to cross necklaces, we also offer a variety of religious pendants, including roman catholic crosses in the Crucifixes section. Our collection features bronze crosses and silver religious pendants. You'll find a wide selection of beautiful and unique cross pendants that make a meaningful statement.

Whether you're searching for a cross pendant necklace, sterling silver cross necklace, or a vintage cross pendant, our Cross Pendant category is your ultimate destination for finding the perfect cross jewelry piece. Explore our extensive collection and discover the religious cross jewelry that resonates with your personal style and beliefs.

Vintage Christian Cross Necklaces & Cross Charms

Sacred Art Jewelry offers Catholic and Christian crosses and chain necklaces in sterling silver and bronze. Cross pendant necklaces are often worn as an indication of commitment to the Christian faith. Wearing a cross necklace as a symbol of Christianity has been a traditional way for Christians to manifest their faith for centuries. It is a Christian belief that wearing a cross offers the men, women or children who wear it protection from evil.

Rosary Crosses

Christian crosses are widely used to create rosaries and chaplets. Popular choices as rosary crosses are the Orthodox cross, Jerusalem cross, Irish Celtic cross, Coptic cross, Victorian cross and French Cross of Lorraine styles. Our collection features antique and vintage crosses from all over the world from tiny to large. In this section you will find beautiful examples of Mexican, Armenian, Italian, Spanish and Philippine crosses in our collection, among others styles such as African crosses.

Crosses Necklaces

Check out our Chain Necklaces section to find the perfect cross necklace chain. You can easily create your own custom cross pendant necklace by choosing the chain necklace you like in your favorite length.
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