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Crucifixes for Rosaries & Crucifix Necklaces

Stunning bronze and sterling silver rosary crucifixes and Catholic crucifix necklace pendants for men, women, and children, that all will want to wear for a lifetime. Timeless antique and vintage designs you will love, 200+ crucifix pendants, large and small. Choose from one of our tiny pendants that look great with our choker chains, or find the perfect one for your rosary design, and take a look at wonderful large pectoral crucifixes. Handmade in California, USA.
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Crucifix of Jesus, Words of Pope Francis

"The crucifix is not another ornamental object or clothing accessory to buy, - sometimes used abusively! - but a religious sign that must be contemplated and understood". It was the Pope's warning while leaning out of the window of his personal study in the Vatican Apostolic Palace before pronouncing the Marian prayer of the Angelus together with more than 20 thousand people gathered in the Plaza de San Pedro in Vatican City.

"The Gospel of today invites us to direct our gaze to the crucifix, which is not an ornamental object or an accessory of clothing that is sometimes abused, but a religious sign that we must contemplate and understand," he stated. He noted that "in the image of Jesus crucified the mystery of the death of the Son of God is revealed as the supreme act of love, source of life and salvation for humans of all times."

"I can think: how do I look at the crucifix? As a work of art, to see if it is beautiful or not beautiful? Or do I look inside, into Jesus' wounds to his heart? Do I look at the mystery of the God suffocated to death, like a slave, like a criminal? Do not forget about this: look at the crucifix but look inside.

There is this beautiful devotion to pray an Our Father for each of the five wounds: when we pray that Our Father, we seek to enter through the wounds of Jesus within, within his heart. And there we will learn the great wisdom of the mystery of Christ, the great wisdom of the cross, "he added.