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Spanish Crucifix 2 3/4" - Large Antique or Vintage Model in Sterling Silver or Bronze

Large Spanish Crucifix 2 3/4"  - Catholic religious rosary parts in authentic antique and vintage styles with amazing detail. Large collection of crucifixes, centerpieces, and heirloom medals made by hand in true bronze and sterling silver.
Large Spanish Crucifix 2 3/4"

Bronze: $60.67

Product Code: SSCR420

Description Español Meaning

Large Spanish Crucifix

Measures: 2 3/4 inches or 70 mm
Large Spanish Crucifix from 19th Century Spain. Large and solid pectoral crucifix, necklace pendant, also great for large rosaries - Catholic religious rosary parts in authentic antique and vintage styles with amazing detail. Large collection of crucifixes, centerpieces, and heirloom medals made by hand in California, US. Available in true bronze and .925 sterling silver.

Crucifix Collection

Sacred Art Jewelry is proud to bring you an exquisite collection of beautiful antique, vintage and modern style crucifixes from all over the world. You will French, Russian, Italian and Spanish crucifix pendants, among many others.

The Crucifixion

Wearing a crucifixion symbol is an old Catholic tradition. What does the crucifix represent? It is a reminder of the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us in carrying the cross to the Calvary and allowing his life to be taken, to resurrect triumphantly on the third day.

It teaches us that it is the life of the spirit that is most important, and that love is worthy of the sacrifice of the flesh.

DIY Crucifix Necklace

It is very easy to create a custom Jesus crucifix pendant with one of our pieces. Just make your choice and find a chain necklace for it. We have many different lengths and several styles to choose from. The chains include different bails that you can use to hang your crucifix and other medals from it.

A Bronze or Silver Crucifix

Choose any religious crucifix design you like from our collection and make your selection regarding the metal. All of the pieces have a slightly antiqued finish and are available in .925 sterling silver and true golden bronze.

Catholic Crucifix Styles

The Roman Catholic crucifix pendant has taken many artistic shapes and forms throughout the centuries. On our website you can browse some very old crucifix styles that are still very popular today. Such is the case with the Pardon crucifix, Papal Crucifix, Orthodox crucifix, Trinity crucifix and many others.

Unique Antique Crucifixes

Most of the models used to create the crucifixes in our collection are more than 100 years old. They include samples of a medieval crucifix of the Knights Templar, versions of the Celtic crucifix, and ancient crucifixes from Colonial Spain.

Best Rosary Crucifix

Most of Sacred Art Jewelry crucifixes are suitable to wear both as pendants and on a rosary. Choose a sturdy crucifix for a rosary you will be using for praying.

The more delicate ones are best reserved for a rosary necklace or to put on other faith jewelry, such as a crucifix bracelet.

Regarding sizes, a tiny small crucifix (up to an inch and a half, or 38 mm) will look wonderful on a choker and, if sturdy enough, will also work as a crucifix charm on a bracelet.

Large Crucifix

At Sacred Art Jewelry we consider a big crucifix pendant one that is two inches (50 mm) or more. Those are the ones we prefer to use on our 8 mm rosaries.

As general rule, two-inch crucifixes look great with 6 mm bead rosaries, while larger ones are best for 8 mm Ave Maria beads.

Crucifix cross pendants larger than 2 3/8 inches (60 mm) or so, are often called pectoral crucifixes when they are used around the neck.

Crucifix Jewelry

Nowadays, more faithful Catholics like to make a statement about their faith with jewelry. Wearing a crucifix has never been easier with all the lovely, top quality choices you can find on Sacred Art Jewelry. Creating a new Catholic crucifix necklace can be as easy as inserting the cross or crucifix to a favorite bead or chain necklace with a jump ring.
  • Authentic antique model

  • Available in .925 silver and bronze

  • Exact replica

  • Hand Finished

  • Made in the US

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