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St. Monica, Patron Saint of Mothers and Patience with Lily - Inspiring Devotion and Motherly Love - Antique or Vintage Catholic Medallion, Necklace Pendant, Bracelet Charm, Sterling Silver or Bronze

St. Monica, Patron Saint of Mothers and Patience with Lily - Inspiring Devotion and Motherly Love
St. Monica, Patron Saint of Mothers and Patience with Lily - Inspiring Devotion and Motherly Love

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St. Monica, Patron Saint of Mothers and Patience with Lily - Inspiring Devotion and Motherly Love

Measures: 7/8 inch or 19 mm

Introducing the exquisite St. Monica, Patron Saint of Mothers and Patience, Mother of St. Augustine of Hippo, depicted alongside a delicate Lily. This captivating sculpture celebrates the life and devotion of St. Monica, an inspiring figure known for her unwavering faith and enduring love as both a devoted mother and a patron saint.


  1. Symbol of Motherly Love: The St. Monica sculpture beautifully captures the essence of motherhood, showcasing her as a guiding figure, displaying love, care, and resilience through her maternal journey.

  2. Patron Saint of Mothers and Patience: St. Monica is revered as the patron saint of mothers, and her life exemplifies the virtues of patience, faith, and intercession. This sculpture serves as a powerful symbol of hope and inspiration for mothers around the world.

  3. Iconic Lily: Accompanied by a delicate Lily, a symbol of purity and devotion, this sculpture highlights St. Monica's unwavering commitment to her faith and prayers for her son's conversion.

  4. Exquisite Craftsmanship: Meticulously crafted, this sculpture showcases fine artistry, attention to detail, and reverence for the saintly figure of St. Monica, creating a piece of spiritual significance and beauty.

  5. Reverent Devotion: Place this sculpture in your sacred space, home altar, or garden to foster a deeper connection with St. Monica, seeking her intercession and guidance in matters of motherhood, patience, and faith.

  6. Inspirational Gift: The St. Monica sculpture makes a meaningful gift for mothers, seekers of faith, and admirers of religious art. It serves as a heartfelt reminder of St. Monica's strength and devotion and offers encouragement during life's challenges.

Embrace the powerful presence of St. Monica, the Patron Saint of Mothers and Patience, and allow her to inspire you with her unwavering love and devotion. Let her be a guiding light, encouraging you to have patience in difficult times and offering intercession in your prayers for your loved ones.

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  • Authentic antique model

  • Available in .925 silver and bronze

  • Exact replica

  • Hand Finished

  • Made in the US

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