I've had a lifelong love affair with gemstone beads,
and have found my calling in making rosaries.

Being able to combine the wonderful medals, crucifixes and centers that you see in this store with the select grade, quality beads gives me immense pleasure. Having been born and raised in Puerto Rico, a country with centuries old Spanish roots and Catholic traditions, I find in this calling not only an outlet for my passion for design, but a mission. That is, to share the amazing spirituality that is captured in the rosary praying beads. Spirituality that becomes a tangible part of one's life, inspired by the symbolism found in these antique bronze and silver pieces, and supported by the natural energy that emanates from the stones.

The rosaries are created from semi-precious gemstone beads and other fine materials, including brass, bronze and sterling silver wire and chains. Designed and constructed with the intention that they be used for prayer, and kept as a religious heirloom because of the beauty of the designs, the materials used, and the quality workmanship.

Peace, Liliana

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Lifetime Guarantee!

We stand firmly behind the quality of all the items we make and sell. Every item offered in this store is made using the highest quality materials available to produce them. Should you experience a break in a rosary or any other constructed piece within a year of your purchase, please contact me to have it repaired at no cost to you.


We are constantly trying to improve the quality of the pictures of our 1,000+ collection, and offer a growing amount of products. Although we try to convey their real appearance, truth be told, in many cases the photos do not do justice to our collection, they are more beautiful in person. We love our pieces! However...

If you are not satisfied with your purchase in any way, including bead quality, the way the piece looks or how it handles, please write or call me within 10 days* with your intention to return your piece. I will handle any customer concern quickly, and amicably, without dispute.

To make the return, please pack your item the same way it was received to insure its safe return.

*Please note: Items over 10 days delivered without having received a notice of intent to return will be considered acceptable to you and used, and are not available for refunds.

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